We will begin to accept registrations for the 2018 - 2019 school year on January 28, 2018. Please call the school office to schedule a visit, (513) 347-2660. 

A copy of the student’s birth certificate and baptismal certificate are required at the time of registrations along with a deposit of $125 for each student in Grades K-8.  

Financial Aid

We continue to partner with Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program. The Children’s Scholarship Fund is a non-profit organization designed to provide educational opportunities for families nationwide. The Fund aims to maximize tuition assistance for families and promote a diverse and competitive educational environment. 

Admissions Priority

1. Children of parishioners living within the territorial boundaries of Our Lady of Lourdes will be given first priority.

A. The residence of the custodial parent determines “within the territorial boundaries.” Official custodial papers must be provided.

B. Should the number of students living in the territorial boundaries of Our Lady of Lourdes exceed the number of classroom spaces available, the following process will be implemented:

· children who have older siblings already enrolled in Our Lady of Lourdes School.

· additional children from families who have attended Our Lady of Lourdes School.

2. Children of parishioners outside the territorial boundaries but whose families have been registered in the parish for at least two years prior to registration are considered active priority.

3. Students who are not of the Catholic faith may be accepted only if space is available and on a full-tuition cost rate to be established annually.

More Information

Please call our school office, 513 347-2660, for information on registration.

It is the practice of Our Lady of Lourdes to screen all incoming students.