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March 22, 2021

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A Message from Ms. B:

Our Hot Lunch Coordinators wanted to make sure everyone knows to check your orders…especially when we canceled Humberts and added Christines. Remember, during Lent we have hot lunch on Thursday and orders are due earlier. We want to make sure everyone has their lunch. I know we sometimes forget to order lunch before the due date or our students might not like the lunch choices (especially this year with limited choices due to Covid protocol) but I wanted to make sure everyone understands that this is also a fundraising opportunity. We receive a percentage from each vendor which is another benefit to our hot lunch program. When other hot lunches are brought in, it takes away from helping the school. Please reconsider this practice.

Please chat with your students about the academic and behavioral expectations as we work through the third and final trimester of the year. We would like everyone to end on a “high” note.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the weather!   Ms. B


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