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A Message from Ms. B:

Hi Tiger Families! The weather is definitely feeling like fall and the smell of apple cider wafts through the air reminding me of days as a child searching for the perfect pumpkin and munching on caramel apples. At school, fall is always a time for Homecoming (Hoco, as they say now), football rivalries, and conferences. Just checking on how everyone is doing before we head into the winter season.

OLL works to make the Academics accessible for each child. How does your student study? Does your student complete homework? Does your student actively participate in class? If you missed conferences, don’t hesitate to reach out and request a meeting with your student’s teachers. We want to help your student progress to their full potential.

OLL wants each student to feel safe and important. The positive Behaviors of one student can improve the feelings and behaviors of many others, potentially lifting their confidence. Conversely, the poor behavior choices of one student can adversely effect another student or many more. With the addition of our school counselor, Mrs. Brown, who is busy working with individual students on social skills, as well as small groups, we feel our students will be empowered self-advocates, able to cope with many things life throws at them.

One behavior we, as a community, need to work on, is our choice of words. Children are sponges and soak up the things they hear around them, whether it’s at home, in the car, or out at the store. Inappropriate language includes cussing, name calling, and racial slurs. This is completely unacceptable and we all need to have an active part in stopping this behavior. Your children should not be parroting this language, especially in school. What might your students be saying in school?

OLL hopes all students and families actively work to make our faith Community an active one, starting with our Annual Trunk or Treat and Chili Cook-off. This is a safe and fun Lourdes community activity that allows us all to gather after 4pm Mass, meet some new families, and chat with some old friends we haven’t seen in awhile. We want Lourdes to be a welcoming and inviting place for all community members and potential members! We all want to see the community thrive with many different families.

Let’s do what we can to continue making Lourdes a place for all, and we hope to see you this weekend at Mass.

Ms. B

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A Message from Ms. B:

October is fire safety and school safety month. We all feel pretty strongly about the safety of our students and staff. Today we had a “surprise” visit from the firefighters from Engine Co. 35. We passed with flying colors and demonstrated our basic knowledge of fire safety.

What we need to really be sure of is that we, as a community, know what to do in all types of emergencies, even the “scary” ones. Each day next week, we will be discussing and practicing various responses. (All of our responses can be found in the handbook online.) “Neighborhood Watch” seems to be the most used response on our campus. This entails our students staying inside the building and working as normal; access to the outdoors is restricted. Usually, this is due to info we receive from our SRO (School Resource Officer) that there might be something going on in the area and we are being cautious. This is the first stage of a “lockdown”.

If we should call a “lockdown”, students might be asked to stay in their rooms or even move to a different room should we need to isolate students on one side of the building. Students are not allowed to move about the building and guests will not be allowed to enter the building. We do what we can to demonstrate the seriousness of the situation without scaring the students. We are even discussing what to do in “odd” places on campus we might not immediately consider, such as the the café during lunch or the church during an all school Mass.

It has been a long time since we practiced how to respond to an active shooter or intruder in the building during the school day. Please discuss these topics with your students and know that we are going to be direct and compassionate in our discussions. It’s an unfortunate thing that we need to consider and prepare for any and all possibilities.

We have applied for a safety grant and are hoping that with the money, if granted, would allow us to add monitored key fob entrances to internal doorways, more video cameras, and updated technology for additional security. Until we have installed an electronic key fob entrance for hallway doors, we currently keep the hallway doors locked and student flow of traffic throughout the building has changed a bit (I don’t think the students have even noticed!)

Safety includes drop off and pick up procedures. Please be mindful of other families and the safety of their students. If you choose to park on Muddy Creek, I would expect that you would follow regular traffic laws and allow the proper space in between cars and STOP signs, avoid causing blindspots, and be patient. Let’s all work together to keep our students safe.

Ms. B


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