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How to add an "Explore Our School" menu to a page

  1. If you are making a new page, the easiest way to set up the page with some default modules including the side menu is to apply the page template to a new page. The "Explore Our School" menu will be added with the template.
  2. To add the menu to an existing page,
    1. hover on "Modules" in the black control panel,  and choose, Add Existing Module.
    2. Click open the first drop-down box and choose a page that has the menu. "Our School, history" is a convenient page to choose.
    3. Scroll to the right extreme in the black horizontal list of all the modules on that page 
    4. Click-hold-drag the "Explor Our School" module block down off that bar and onto the page.
    5. The standard place to drop it is in the TopGrid8RUpper pane. Drop it there.
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