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A Message from Ms. B:

We are getting closer to the end of the year and the 8th graders social calendar is filling up by leaps and bounds. Field trips are being scheduled and additional activities are being investigated. Please take some time to review the calendar below. We certainly don’t want any family or child to miss an opportunity to participate in something. We also hope that you consider volunteering in the cafe, library, or as a chaperone. It’s a great opportunity to see your student in a different environment. I truly enjoy seeing our parents, guardians, and family members come into the office to sign in. (If my parents still lived in Cincinnati, I would ask them to volunteer to have the opportunity to see me in my “natural” environment!) Look at your schedules and plan to come on in. Safe Parish can be a bit tricky at first (I have to reread the directions every time or ask a friend for help) but it is only required four times a year.

Our parish, school, and church is for everyone and we should all try to do what we can to help grow. We Are Family. Sometimes family just drops in and helps out when needed or for a visit. Games are on Saturday and Mass is on Sunday. We would love to see you. 

Ms. B

Paw Prints

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A Message from Ms. B:

I’m watching the snow fall again as I finish up this week’s Paw Prints. Mrs. King reminded me that I should mention to everyone that short’s weather is fast approaching and what the dress code should look like. Ironic? Just another reminder of the unpredictability of life. Please make sure your students are wearing the correct uniform when leaving for school. Young ladies can wear the uniform skirt or jumper, loose fitting cotton navy blue slacks, or long navy blue shorts (right above the knee). Young men can wear loose fitting cotton navy blue slacks, or long navy blue shorts (right above the knee). Sweatpants are NOT allowed unless it is a gym day and they are navy blue or Lourdes. We have a uniform so we look “professional” and ready for our “job” as students. Thank you for your help with enforcing this.

This Wednesday, wear your We Are Family shirts with uniform bottoms/skirts/jumpers on Wednesday, March 30 for our All School Mass! Our faculty photographer, Mrs. Reid, would like to get a picture of our students with our “Family” shirts on. Speaking of family, a few of us are participating in the MS Walk this year on April 23rd at 10am at Sawyer Point. We walked as a school a few years ago and it was great to support a cause that affects many in our community (including me). Scout may make an appearance this year and lead the walk through the downtown area. If you would like to get out for a few hours in the morning, as a family, and donate to a cause, consider joining us! For more information and to register, go to:

Have a great week, Tigers!

Slainte, Ms. B


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