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A Message from Ms. B:

A big thank you for your kind understanding for the unexpected two days “off”. I know it might have been challenging for some but we have had a high percentage of students sick with many types of illnesses. We just wanted to make sure they could be well enough for the upcoming holidays.  We have a full day on Monday and we dismiss at 11am on Tuesday. The “Littles” (grades K-4) will be spending the morning with their grandparents and our upper grades will be filling their brains with some last minute knowledge.

We certainly hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, even if your family is not in the room with you (nothing a little FaceTime can’t fix!), rest, and health.

Ms. B

Paw Prints

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A Message from Ms. B:

When I teach students about creative writing, I tell them one of the best techniques is to think about the background of the characters included in the story. As I write, I want to know the characters’ motivation, why they do things, why they make the decisions that they do.

It’s similar to being a principal. I want to understand why a student may have made a poor choice. Sometimes I get the answers to that question and sometimes I don’t. At Our Lady of Lourdes we believe working with parents is a partnership and educating our children and academics, behavior, catholicity, and community.

It seems easy enough that students should come into a classroom and be ready to learn. We know that sometimes anxiety can prevent a student from coming to school on time. We understand that sometimes money is tight and breakfast isn’t eaten. We also understand that jobs might take precedence over homework. If families were to tell the school what’s going on in the background we might be able to help and do more with the students in the foreground.

How can you help in our partnership?

  • Updating your Final Forms if there’s an address change.
  • A phone call to Nurse Jessica to let us know that a student is suffering an illness, has a new medical diagnosis, or medication change.
  • Talking with Mrs. Dittulio about why a student is tardy or how to do something, such as updating Final Forms.
  • Reaching out to Mrs. King and asking if our student could meet with our school psychologist or our school counselor.
  • Even reading Paw Prints (that Ms. B toils over weekly) and keeping up with communication from the office strengthens that partnership we have in educating your child.

Our Lady of Lourdes is a special place because our teachers continue to care even when the school day is over. That is why a working partnership allows us to better help your students.

As a principal I see the big picture, the foreground. I see each class, teacher, and child. I see each family in our backgrounds. As I try to help our teachers navigate lesson plans while considering all of the parts that make up each child, all we ask for is a little help from home.

Ms. B


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