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April 18, 2021

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A Message from Ms. B:  Wearing a mask is one of the guidelines we have required since the beginning of the year. Through grants and donations we have received face masks for students should they forget to bring one from home. We have calculated that we have distributed close to 2300 masks this year to students and we are reaching the end of our supply. Many of the same students are forgetting a clean mask that fits properly. We stated in our “Back to School Plan” the necessity for all parent/guardians to daily provide their student with a fitted clean mask. Please make sure to include a mask these last few weeks. Failure to do so will result in a call home to pick up your student and/or the inability to participate in scheduled events. This is considered one of their school supplies. We appreciate your compliance with established government regulations.
As the end of the year nears, we are doing our best to try and include some of the regular events such as Field Day but doing them with health precautions in place. We hope your students’ year is memorable for more than just being a “Covid year”. Our 8th grade will be planning and providing the school with Field Day! This is something new and exciting! Our 8th graders have started researching and planning Field Day for the school on May 21st. They will do everything from start to finish. Our hope is the day will be a fun one even wearing masks and “dodging” cicadas. Please remind your students that the cicadas are coming and they are harmless. (I have already explained to some young ladies that on Field Day, we will be wearing hats!)
We are asking you to remind your student that poor behavior choices will result in consequences. Our students have done their best to make good choices in a trying year. We know it’s been a bit boring (and a struggle) at times…staying in the same place, little group work, more homework and the novelty of coming to school and being with their peers wore off months ago. Please keep encouraging your students to be the best they can be…that includes completing homework for every class, positive classroom behavior, and fair treatment of others! We know this last bit of school will be challenging but Tigers are fierce and we can do it, if we work together! Have a beautiful week…even if the weather has forgotten to be warm!       Ms. B


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