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A Message from Ms. B:  Living in Cincinnati is always an adventure. We never know what the weather is going to be like on any given day and creepy bugs come every 17 years.  This Friday will be our first Field Day developed and executed by our 8th graders during a pandemic.  It is definitely going to be an adventure!  I am so excited by their willingness to serve the school and student body and their excitement and forethought in planning.  They are demonstrating what TIGER PRIDE really is and I couldn’t be more impressed and proud.  The 8th grade will be wearing bright, neon colors much like they would have worn in the spring concert.  Everyone else can wear Lourdes' spirit wear, blue, or white shorts and tops.  It’s supposed to be in the high 80s on Friday and we want the students to be comfortable but appropriate.  Please make sure your students wear gym shoes for the various events. Students can wear hats (for protection from the sun or the cicadas…) and should consider sunscreen.  Don’t forget, Christine’s hot lunch will be served on Thursday this week due to Field Day. If we have a rainout on Friday, Field Day will be on Monday, May 24.  We are still working hard and grades count up to the last minute; please continue to encourage your students to keep working hard!  We want to finish this challenging school year on a high note.  Our students have worked hard and followed the guidelines established by the CDC, Hamilton County, City of Cincinnati, and State of Ohio.  According to ODE (Ohio Department of Education) we will need to follow the current guidelines that have been established.  That’s okay, our students are the most resilient and respectful (I could be biased, but our kids are the “Best of the West!”).  We only have nine days, but who is counting?  Because we are still following all guidelines, our Awards Assembly that ends our school year will be virtual for our parents, guardians, and families, as well as for our students.  Students will be in their homerooms for one final day and awards will be announced virtually. Homeroom teachers will give the awards as we announce.  Things are looking up, Tigers!  We cannot wait to hug our students, work in small groups, plan activities and parties, and go on field trips.  WE can do it!  Take care and have a great week!  It’s a great year to be a Tiger!   Ms. B

Paw Prints

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A Message from Ms. B:

The month of May is very important to Our Lady of Lourdes and all Catholic Christians.  May is considered the month of Mary when many honor the Blessed Virgin Mary with devotions.  The traditional ritual at Lourdes includes crowning a statue of Mary.  On May 13th at 1pm in the church, our eighth graders will lead us in praying the rosary and will also crown the statue of Mary.  We invite you to celebrate this solemn event with us.  Seating in the church will be available on a first come, first serve basis and we will continue to follow our safety and health protocols regarding wearing masks and maintaining a safe social distance.  If you are unable to join us, you may view the ceremony on the Youtube channel: Our Lady of Lourdes Cincinnati.  Because the entire student body is unable to join in the church, we thought each individual class could honor Mary by taking some flowers to the grotto.  If you have a flower from your home garden or a store, we invite you to send it with your student.  They can add to it to the class vase for the grotto.

Is your student's skirt getting too short?  Do their pants have holes in their knees?  We are excited to now offer another option for ordering uniforms through Tommy Hilfiger.  Also, we have some new opportunities for next year such as EPI and Tommy Hilfiger but the old ways of purchasing school supplies and school uniforms will still be available.  Check out the flyer attached to PawPrints this week to see the selection.   

Ms. B

Paw Prints


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A Message from Ms. B:  We have finally entered the month of May.  May flowers, May Crowning, and Mayday. Webster’s defines mayday as: a distress signal used by emergency organizations.  While we might not be an organized emergency group (at least not everyday) or in complete distress, we certainly need your help.  This has been an unbelievably difficult year for all of us, especially our students and staff.  Families of students, grades 4-8 should have received a letter regarding student behavior, a formal “SOS”.  We need help from our most powerful partners.  I believe our staff has done a remarkable job of “edu-taining” our students this year.  In a time when we are asking for less screen time, there is the danger of increased screen time in class.  Rest assured, we are dividing time responsibly.  Rarely have I seen a class spend more than 15 minutes on a device.  Because of my previous high school teaching experience, I have kept my “finger on the pulse” of secondary school expectations.  The expectation is to use technology for more than just entertainment.  If we could “TikTok” the life of St. Bernadette, our students might remember her charism a bit longer, or their algebraic equations, or how to grow plants hydroponically.  We believe our students are more than prepared and will demonstrate their attributes more than adequately.  We just need to hold on for one more month!  We know everyone is exhausted: students, staff, and our families.  It has been a trying year but remember that it wasn’t too long ago that our students essentially missed an entire trimester.  We have worked hard to make up that time and ensure our students made substantial progress.  We did.  Our IOWA scores increased considerably in both Reading and Math.  Comparatively, we are more than competitive, academically, with our fellow Archdiocesan schools.  I have no way of scientifically reporting our behavior as it compares to other schools but I do know that our pride should propel us towards the top.  Your support and motivation has been invaluable and if we could have it just a bit longer, all of our students could finish the school year on a positive note.   Ms.B

School Supplies

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EPI and the PTO are working together to make Back to School Supply Shopping easy!  The supply lists are individualized per grade.  The supplies will be shipped directly to school.  PTO will put the child's name on their pack and put it on their homeroom desk by Open House!  It's that easy!  Order online at: School ID: OUR104 Sale ends on June 14, 2021.


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