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Summer Paw Prints

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A Message from Ms. B:

This is the time of year when we say “goodbye” to our 8th grade and wish them well on the next part of their journey. We pray that we instructed them well, academically and spiritually. We want their knowledge and experiences to help them find success. Good Luck, 8th grade!

We also want to wish several faculty members a “fond farewell and good luck” in their next chapter. We will miss Sr. Donna as she continues her mission with her community. Ms. Schaefer, good luck in Toledo, and we’re glad you will be back home with your family. Mr. Stegman, a dedicated Tiger to the end, we hope your next chapter is filled with as many exciting experiences as your time here. And finally, Mr. Lones, our very own Athletic Director and veteran teacher, enjoy the well deserved time to relax!

With the coming school year, we welcome our new students, including our kindergarten! We eagerly await the new classes, new grades, and new teachers. Welcome to Mr. Jeremy Jones, our new PE teacher. Mr. Jones is a member of our parish and is so very excited to meet our students and continue to encourage exercise, movement, and positive sportsmanship. Welcome, Mr. Jones! And welcome to our new Art teacher, Ms. Eden Craig. Ms. Craig is looking forward to students creating and displaying great art.

Take a look at the school calendar for next year. Our First Day of School: August 25th with a regular scheduled day. We cannot guarantee CPS bussing (but I think most of us know that anyway…). For Open House next year, we will be conducting “Family Conferences” and hope that this will continue to cultivate our partnership. More info will be forthcoming!

Please enjoy your summer, get away, read a book for pleasure (I have to endorse that…former English teacher!), and take time to pray. Maybe, consider joining us for Sunday Mass as Fr. Len finishes his time here and Fr. Matt begins his time. Most importantly, be well.

Happy Summer! Ms. B

Paw Prints

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A Message from Ms. B:

It’s not over yet, Tigers!

We are busy finalizing supply lists for next year. We will be sending info regarding the EPI program that allows families to buy the supplies and have them delivered. We are reaching out to Tommy Hilfiger and Schoolbelles in order to make sure they have the inventory for uniform skirts and jumpers. PTO will be organizing their Used Uniform Sale and Ms. B is instituting a “Buy Back” Program enabling families who do not pass on their used uniforms, to resell them to the school. It’s a small amount but it’s better than giving it to Goodwill for nothing.

Spiritwear themes are being generated and developed. Grades and report cards are bing finalized so we can start working on schedules for next year. Oh, and we have this small event to prepare for: Graduation! Decorating, ordering, organizing, printing, and writing. There is so much that goes into this series of events beginning with our 8th grade Family Mass and culminating with the traditional 8th grade Dance. While we are feverishly preparing for the 8th grade’s last few days, we are preparing for the Awards Assembly that will celebrate the academic and behavioral accomplishments of our students in graders K-7. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend. This will also be the last “official” teaching day for Mr. Lones. Mr. Lones is retiring and will be hard at work at his house, visiting his family, and enjoying time off with no bells, no schedules, and no lesson plans. Our “Specials” teachers have the gratifying opportunity to work with every student in the building each year. Mr. Lones has certainly taught a lot of students through the years, including me! Mr. Lones started his long OLL career the same year Ms. Bessler graduated (a year in the Eighties…). I remember many lessons that Mr. Lones brought with him and have remained popular games, including matball. We all wish Mr. Lones well!

Here’s to sleeping in and no more lunch duty! There are many other happenings and new things for the following year and we will be keeping you up to date as you rest this summer. Rest up, there’s still more to do this week!

Ms. B

Paw Prints

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A Message from Ms. B:

A whirlwind of events. When someone asks about the last few weeks of school, that is the best way to describe it: a whirlwind of events, scattered with the final days of instruction. PLEASE make sure to read everything that comes home in your Friday Folders and in the email handouts. We have many events going on and we want everyone to be informed and well aware of what is happening.

If you would like to volunteer, chaperone, or help in any way at school, you need to complete the SafeParish process. Please be sure to register your account with SafeParish at . We cannot make any exceptions!

Friday, we honored the Virgin Mary with our May Devotion, May Crowning. It was solemn, prayerful, and beautiful as our 8th graders lead us in prayer. It is one of the most important and special events at Our Lady of Lourdes.

Our 7th graders spoke with Maslow’s Army through a Zoom event in collaboration with Magnified Giving. Ms. Riegler orchestrated the opportunity through the Religion classes. Each class was asked to research various outreach organizations and their cause. They then met with the organizations in Zoom meetings to decide which group they would donate $1000. The 7th grade chose Maslow’s Army and the students read various reflective pieces that explained why this group was chosen. Magnified Giving will become a part of our 7th grade Religion classes every year in order to help students with understanding empathy as well as the Corporal Works of Mercy. Thank you to Ms. Riegler and the 7th grade students.

Ms. B


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