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A Message from Ms. B:

IMPORTANT NEWS Regarding Pickup in Church Lot: Because of construction, the Muddy Creek entrance will closed for the week of December 6-10, 2021. The morning drop-off can no longer exit through Muddy Creek. We will need to either turn left off Rosebud to Muddy Creek or right off Rosebud to Lumardo. (Busses will still be driving up Rosebud to drop off students, please do not go around them.)

There is a chance that we will have back-ups; therefore, you should consider dropping your student off earlier than normal. Our cafeteria doors will open at 7:20 am and students can come inside to their HRs. If your student arrives after 7:45 am it is still considered tardy. Please plan ahead.

For pickup in the Church Lot, we will be using the following procedure: Drivers will turn onto Lumardo (carefully since the busses will be there and we have walkers who cross the street). Drive straight through towards the Parish Office Center (POC) and take a left, proceeding down the hill onto the church lot, assembling as normal.

When we release everyone, we will be going out the same way we came in (up the hill and back out onto Lumardo to Glenway). We will use Rosebud once the cafeteria lot is emptied. Please be mindful of the traffic pattern and share this with your family and friends who drive as well. We will have staff placed in order to help with traffic but please be mindful of the students and staff who are walking throughout the campus.

We know you are all very busy but we need to be the courteous towards each other as we all navigate this.

Ms. B

Paw Prints

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A Message from Ms. B:

A gentle reminder about school hours and tardiness. When a touring parent asks when we start school, I am clear to say that the doors open at 7:25am and many students arrive by 7:30am. I explain that some teachers start class at 7:30 because their students arrive and start immediately on their morning work (especially the “Littles”). We expect every student to be in their homeroom by 7:45am or they are considered tardy. We start the day by 7:50am with morning prayer together (led by our 8th graders). We understand that things “pop up” but it can be difficult for some students to “switch gears” in that short amount of time. Coats and lunchboxes put away, books are together, and the class changes. Things move quickly during the day and tardy students could find themselves trying to catch up all day. It can make instruction a challenge and could add to behavioral problems. Chronic tardiness can effect a student’s grades and/ or scholarship. Please try to avoid this and remember that if the cones are up in the parking lot at 7:45am, your student is already tardy.

There is a lot of information in this edition of Paw Prints: financial aid information, information from the Athletic Department, the Art Department, and opportunities to help around the parish and campus. As a Catholic and caring community, we have many resources that allow us to help each other and others within our community as well as in our city. Please take a moment to read through the various articles this week. Knowing that our students work hard, care deeply, and unite for common causes is a comfy feeling, like a warm blanket. I certainly hope that everyone has a restful Thanksgiving, taking time to be thankful for continued blessings.

Gobble Gobble,
Ms. B


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