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Paw Prints - August 2020
Nikki Dickson
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Paw Prints - August 2020

Tiger Families, Usually, this is an update with much excitement and anticipation of the coming year and while we are excited about seeing our students and working with them in the classrooms, there is also a bit of nervousness. There seems to be so many changes and many happen 30 minutes after we share the original plans. It can be overwhelming, tiring, and worrisome. Many nights I lay awake thinking about every minute detail. As I told the staff: what was once considered minutiae is now a major detail. I’ve measured everything down to each breath a person can take or so it feels. A friend recently told me, “you can only control what you can control” and she is right! We have tried to control every little piece of the puzzle but the pieces seem like they’re from a different box altogether. We have many things in place to ensure a safe and healthy environment, we have developed policy for students to follow, and we have worked all summer to innovate our styles of teaching to align with the various methods available online and in person. I know you have read the Re-Opening Plan but I can assure you there is so much more in place. We are in the process of moving extraneous furniture out of classrooms and spacing our desks as far as possible. Floor carpets have been rolled up and stored, manipulatives have been counted out for each student to have their own for classroom use. We are going to socially distance in the cafeteria for lunch (4 students to a table) and allow them to have a moment of “fun” in an otherwise sterile and mechanic environment. With the help of our School Psychologist, Mrs. Cain, we will continue to develop ways that will help our students with feelings of self-worth and coping strategies during a pandemic. Our students mental and emotional health is an important piece to their learning process and development. The week before school, we are hosting “Open House” by appointment so students and families can tour the school environment and lessen some of the fears. Grades 4-8 will no longer have the traditional Homerooms of the past. Homeroom will be cohorts or pods and will be labeled an “exciting” A,B,C. The number is the grade, the letter refers to the number of students in the classroom (for the Administrative Team). They will be with these students for the duration of the day (a handful of students might be moving to another class but only a small number). The teachers will be moving from room to room, computer in hand, in order to instruct the students thus reducing traffic in the hallways. So, I can control the physical space, the instruction, and procedures but I cannot control people. I often tell those who do not teach, that we are not a “business” and our “commodity” is people. We can’t just fabricate a model and spit out 300 more like it. That’s where the partnership between school and home becomes even more important: Please communicate with us about your student(s), their wellbeing,their grades, their experiences. We want them to learn in a safe place and know that they have resources available. We know this isn’t perfect or “normal” and it might feel as weird as wearing a mask all day but we are together as one community, one Family. We are Tiger strong! Welcome back, Tigers! It’s a great year to be a Tiger!

Ms. B

Meet the Teacher

Because we cannot have the traditional gathering, we have decided to host “Open House” daily in order for students to drop off their supplies, meet their teachers, and walk through the building to get acclimated to our “new normal”. We are hoping that this will help to quell some of the anxiety students and parent/guardians might be experiencing about the school year. The following is a link to Sign-Up Genius in order to make an appointment. It is not a requirement but an opportunity. Grades 1-8 Meet the Teacher Signups 9040E4EA5A72AABF58-grades Additionally, we were unable to get to know our newest Tiger cubs: the new Kindergarteners. Parent/guardians of the incoming Kindergarteners should sign up for appointments to meet with Ms. Overberg. This allows Ms. Overberg to tailor her lessons to their needs. The following is a link to Sign-Up Genius in order to make this appointment. Kindergarten Family Meet the Teacher and Screening Signups If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact either Mrs. King at or Ms. Bessler at

After Care

We have received many questions regarding AfterCare. When OLL is following Level 1 or Level 2 (in the plan we sent to you), After Care will be in operation. However, in order to safely distance, we can only have 20 students in the class at a time. If OLL follows Level 3, we will have After Care Monday- Thursday, NOT Friday. We will be sending information soon regarding registration and procedures for the class.


OLL Festival! 

Join in the fun of the OLL 2020 Online Festival! While we were not able to hold our annual festival this year, there are still several ways to enjoy some festival fun and support our school! A very generous donor has offered to match funds we raise, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000. To meet this challenge, we are offering a split-the-pot game, a ping-pong ball drop game, and an opportunity to simply donate directly to the festival. See the attached flyer to see the different ways you can join in the fun! Stay tuned for more information. Please contact the Parish Office or Molly Vance at (513) 919-4282 or via email to if you have question


Now is the time to order your OLL uniform and spirit wear items! Remember to see if you need to order your child a quarter-zip for the new air conditioned building and for upcoming winter weather. All orders are placed online and please follow the payment drop off procedure explained on the attachment to finalize your order. Order deadline is Friday, August, 21, 2020. Thank you very much!

School Calendar

The school calendar has been updated to reflect the changes for the beginning of the year. There is the possibility that some already scheduled days off will be used as “make-up” days given the delay in the start of the school year (this way we still get out at the same time!)

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