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Paw Prints - October 11-18

Paw Prints

A Message from Ms. B:

Vocation: a strong feeling for a particular career. We are finally having some regular school days and some “normal” weather. Let’s hope it continues! I sent home a letter regarding Parent- Teacher Conferences and hope to see you either Wednesday or Thursday evening. We always like the opportunity to meet with our students’ parents/guardians. If you cannot make it, please reach out to your teachers. We are happy to email or call depending on your schedule. I would ask that you give your teachers some time to return emails or phone calls. Our teachers work so very hard during the day to help your students achieve success and then they go home to work hard with their own families and children. I sometimes forget about that when I ask teachers to do more for the school. Teaching is definitely a vocation and it is one thing I tell all of our teachers when they want to teach here…this is not a job, it is a calling and we, at OLL, believe in this calling. I also strongly encourage our staff to refrain from email and phone calls when they are with family (especially after 8PM!). Their strong family at home helps foster our strong family here. There is always time the following morning for a return email or call. We love our students and we expect our students to achieve the best to their ability. We know you do too, which is why you chose to send your student here! Have a great week, Ms. B


As part of our Confirmation preparation process, on Thursday, October 25 at 7 p.m. in Trinity Hall, there will be a meeting for the parents of our eighth grade candidates. Parents will receive an explanation of the various elements of their children’s preparation for this Sacrament of Initiation along with guidance on the role that parents play. At least one parent of each Confirmation candidate is expected to attend. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Kristina Krimm, Director of Religious Education, at 347-2636 or

School Vision & Hearing Screening Notification

The purpose of vision and hearing screening is to aid in the detection of school-age children who have or are at risk for developing vision/hearing disorders. These screenings are required by the Ohio Department of Health on an annual basis and will be administered during the school year to the following students: · All new students · All students in grades K, 1, 3, 5, 7(vision only), 9 and 11 · All students with undocumented follow-up from the previous school year While second grade students not new to their school generally are not screened, we feel it will be beneficial, as it can detect hearing and vision changes that sometimes occur in primary grade children. Why is it important to have your child’s vision and hearing screened at school? · To identify if your child has vision problems or might be at risk for vision problems. · Hearing is important for speech, language development, reading, and learning. · A hearing screening can detect if your child needs further hearing testing. · Even if your child has passed a hearing screening previously, their hearing can change. · Hearing problems can be related to medical problems. What tests are included in my child’s vision screen? · Observation (all grades) · Monocular distance acuity (all grades) · Stereopsis test (Kindergarten and First grade) · Color deficit test (males only, in Kindergarten or First grade if not done in Kindergarten) What tests are included in my child’s hearing screen? · Audiometry: Screening of hearing acuity How will I find out the results of my child’s vision and screening results? · If your child passes the vision and hearing screening, you may not be contacted by the school nurse. · If your child fails the screening, you will be informed of the test results and provided with referral paperwork. What do I need to do if my child fails the vision or hearing screening? · Vision and hearing screening provides a snapshot of how your child performs on the day the test was administered and is not a substitute for a complete eye exam by an optometrist/ophthalmologist or audiologist/ENT. · Follow up should be arranged with an eye specialist (optometrist or ophthalmologist) or a hearing specialist (audiologist or ENT). · Provide the specialist with the referral paperwork and return it to the school once it has been completed. If you should choose opt-out of any part of the school vision and hearing screening, a written request will need to be provided to the school building’s nurse or administrator. The waiver to exclude the child needs to be renewed each school year or the child’s vision &/or hearing may be screened/monitored as mandated by the Ohio Department of Health guidelines for school vision & hearing screenings.

What’s Coming Up?:

10/13-17: Scholastic Book Fair 10/16-17: Parent-Teacher Conferences 10/17: Picture retakes 10/18: No School 10/21: Camp Joy for the 7th graders 10/22: 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee (State Testing) 10/24: Confirmation Parent Meeting 10/25: Final turn-in Day for PTO Tumbler Sale 10/29: 4th and 5th grade trip to the Symphony 10/30: 8th Grade Art Field trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum(CAM)

October: The Month of the Holy Rosary:

Parents, grandparents, families and friends: Please join us in praying the rosary at 1:45-2:15 p.m. on Mondays in October.

From the PTO:

PTO is happy to start our first fundraiser for the year. All proceeds will help support Catholic Schools Week. The insulated mugs are double wall stainless steel to help keep the desired temperature of your beverage. The tumblers are 20oz and are $18. Personalization options are available, please check flyer for more details. Extra order forms are available in the office. If you have any questions please contact Katie Boyers at Thanks for your support. Future Scallywag Tag Fundraisers on held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.


Can you believe we are thinking of colder weather finally!? We wanted to give families time to order quarter zip pullovers before the weather gets colder. We are going to have another spirit wear sale starting now through October 31st. Order pickup will be one night in November.

Lourdes Lotto Tickets Available

The Sandy Oberjohann Memorial Education Fund/Lourdes Lotto tickets are on sale now! Profits from the Lotto benefit OUR LADY OF LOURDES SCHOOL. Drawings are first Friday of each month, November through July. Early bird drawing for $2,000 on Oct. 27 following 11:00 Mass.

Free Duke Energy Kits:

The website is or they can mail or return the postcards that were sent home. Any adult can enter, so grandparents and other friends and relatives are invited to help us meet our goal! Non Duke customers can still sign up and get credit for our school as well. We get $250 for each 100 sign-ups. One lucky family in the area will win $1000.

From the Nurse:

Dear Parents, Due to the number of lice cases we have been seeing here at the school, we are asking all parents to be diligent in checking their children for lice over the next few weeks. If you find nits and/or live bugs on your child's hair, please report this to the school nurse. Your child’s confidentiality will be protected. To check at home and see if there are nits (eggs) and lice in your child’s hair: · Use a strong light so you can see nits on the hairs or lice on the scalp. · Use a comb to separate the hair. · Check the whole head with attention to the area behind the ears and back of the head above the collar. Attached is a fact sheet about lice, how it is treated and prevention measures. Please note that lice can begin anywhere from a few days up to several weeks after exposure. Strongly encourage your children not to share hairbrushes, hair combs, hats, hair accessories, and sports accessories. Encourage them not to huddle around electronic devices such as phones or tablets. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the school nurse at 513-347-2660 ext 3034. She can also be reached by email at

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