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Paw Prints:September 6 - 13

September 2019

A Message from Ms. B:

What a super turnout for the Harvest Home Fair Parade. The pictures of our Tigers are great and the weather was perfect. Magazine Drive is going on and we are poised to do better than last year. The PTO has a Scalawag Tag event coming soon. According to some 8th graders it is “soooo fun!”. Basketball signups are starting, please refer to the info from the OLLAC. Make sure to read everything included this week, we have a lot going on. It’s great that our students want to be involved! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

From the Parish Office:

Our Lady of Lourdes will offer a prayer service on Wednesday evening, September 11 at 7 pm to acknowledge the suffering in our communities due to recent events, and to seek God’s forgiveness,healing, and strength as we move forward.

From the Ways and Means Hot Lunch Committee:

Tiger Families, Please double check your student's homeroom when ordering hot lunch for the first time. If you don't update it, it could result in your student NOT getting lunch on Friday, Skyline Day!

A Message from the 8th Grade Students:

We are sure you have all heard there has been a massive hurricane destroying the Bahamas and on course to hit the Carolinas. The 8th grade is hosting a service project to raise money to help all the victims of the hurricane. There will be a TAG day and all the money is going to help the victims. This is also a competition. Whichever homeroom brings in the highest percentage of money will win an out of uniform day. Help us support all the victims of this natural disaster. Thank You, 8th Grade Students


Thank you everyone for sending in the PTO/Room Parent Dues! Almost the entire school turned in! There is still time if you have not done so yet, any student who turns in there dues will still receive the Shaved Ice Treat! The students will be receiving their out of uniform passes next week and the Shaved Ice date will be announced shortly! As a reminder PTO's first 'fun' fundraiser is Tuesday,October 10th at Scallywag Tag. A small paper was sent home with additional information. If you have any questions and/or concerns please contact Katie Boyers at

Magazine Drive:

Next week is another Magazine drive turn-in day. You will receive 1 candy item for every 3 magazines sold. Keep selling! The sale runs through September 20. Our school receives 45% profit from all sales!

Progress Book:

Progress Book is our online grade book for grades 3-8. Grades our updated weekly (large projects that are assigned over long periods of time and other various circumstances might necessitate more time to grade). Students in grades 4-8 will check their grades weekly in their Technology class however, parent access has a few other features that could be helpful, such as alerting the parent of missing assignments. We have been getting calls from some parents who are getting an error when they click Sign In on ParentAccess. The fix is to clear the cache. To check Progress Book, make sure to use either Chrome or Safari. If you are experiencing any accessing your student’s grades, please let us know and we will try to help!

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