OLL Spiritwear

OLL Spiritwear goes on sale two or three times per year (July/August, November, and March).  Items are only available for purchase when there is a sale, which will be advertised in our Paw Prints newsletter, on our Facebook page, and on our website.  However, you can always visit the website to view the items that will be available during a sale.  

For questions about ordering, please contact: Lindsay Jones at or call 513-426-4326.

 To purchase items during the advertised sale:

  • Go to or click here: Spiritwear

  • The “Add to Inquiry” button is used for adding items to your cart, the “Submit Inquiry” button is used for submitting your order.

  • Orders are placed online but there is NOT an option to pay through the website.  Payment options include:

    • Check:  made out to Our Lady of Lourdes, in an enveloped labeled “Spiritwear Payment”

    • Cash:  please place an envelope labeled “Spiritwear Payment”

    • Venmo:  @OLLSpiritwear

  • YOU MUST ORDER AND PAY BY THE DEADLINE. Once the sale closes, we cannot add any items. Your next opportunity to order will be March 1-15.  The Spiritwear store will be open March 12th from 10-11:30 a.m. and March 24th from 12:30-2:00 p.m.  If your order is not paid by the March 15th deadline, your spiritwear order WILL NOT be processed. This change is being made because the school is still responsible for paying our vendor for your order if you do not pay.  If there is a financial hardship, please contact Ms. Bessler. 

  • Gym uniforms are available all year because they are required. You may contact Mr. Jones if you are in need of a gym uniform between spiritwear sales.