Parents - Get Involved - Support Lourdes

Parents - Get Involved Support Lourdes

There are numerous opportunities for parents, siblings, relatives, alumni and neighborhood residents to get involved and enhance the educational experience for the students at Our Lady of Lourdes. Please consider donating your time and/or resources to benefit Lourdes students.


At Our Lady of Lourdes, we are very grateful to our selfless volunteers. We understand that without these people, we would not be able to offer the dynamic and enriching opportunities that we have. If you have the time, please consider volunteering in one or more of the following ways:

-Lunch Room Coordinator  / Cafeteria  - contact  Melisa Densford, Help Wanted Flyer

-Library  - contact  Angela Hautman

-PTO / Classroom Parent / School Activities

Our Lady of Lourdes Parent-Teacher Organization Bylaws

-Festival / Lourdes-A-Palooza       

-Coaching / Athletic Events  - contact OLLAC                 

Be sure to view our VIRTUS page to ensure that you are in compliance with the Child Protection Decree. 

Call the school office (513) 347-2660 or the Parish Office Center (513) 922-0715 if you have any questions.

Ways & Means / Fundraising       

Ways and Means is a committee set up at Our Lady of Lourdes that consists of different fundraisers that benefit our school. Listed below are all the fundraisers of the Ways and Means Committee, many of which are set up by local retailers and some national companies that REWARD our school if we shop at their stores or purchase their products. The Ways and Means Committee would like to thank you in advance for your assistance in the betterment of our school. - contact



Kroger Community Rewards

The current Kroger Community Rewards program is tracked through your registered Kroger plus card. In order for OLL to be rewarded through this new program, you must register your plus card at and enter our code: 80069.

It will be necessary for you to enroll your plus card on an annual basis. Fuel purchases will not be included in this new program. If you use a Kroger card through Our Lady of Lourdes, we receive 4% of your purchase totals. For example, 4% of $200 is $8.  If you have any questions or concerns about registering your card, please contact Jennifer Nieman


Simply send in the box tops for General Mills, the Tyson Project A+ label and the 1 2 3 code, and the Campbell Soup labels. For the Campbell Soup and Recipe Mix we need the UPC label. Please send these labels through the school office or place them in the boxes in the Church gathering space.


Amazon Smile Benefits OLL

Shop and help donate to Our Lady of Lourdes at the same time. OLL could benefit every time you shop at AmazonSmile. Please consider us as your charitable organization when you shop on Amazon.

THANK YOU. - Your donation makes us SMILE!