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A Message from Ms. B:

Some clarification for our new families, from our handbook regarding gym uniforms:

UNIFORMS FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION Grades Kindergarten, 1, and 2 need only gym shoes that are non-marking. Grades 3 through 8 need to wear the tee shirt and shorts purchased through the school’s Spiritwear Coordinator. This is a grey tee shirt with the O.L.L. logo and navy blue mesh or O.L.L. sports shorts with the O.L.L. logo. Non-marking gym shoes are required. When the weather is cold, navy or grey sweatpants are permitted.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Never hesitate to call and ask questions or for clarification!

While working today, I received a call from my daughter, who is a firefighter. She had just heard about the credible threat of an active shooter at Princeton HS. As a former teacher at Princeton HS, I still have many friends there and started going through every and all possibilities in my mind. Thank God, it was a hoax and no one was injured but I considered the emotional repercussions the staff and students might experience. As a community, we need to be aware of what is happening around the city and educate our students (remaining mindful of their age level). Education is the first layer of protection. Let’s promise to educate our students regarding social media, especially TikTok challenges and the consequences of pranks and hoaxes. We can also encourage our students that if they “see something, hear something, say something”. We will always work to keep your students safe. Be safe this weekend and enjoy the weather. Pray for an end to violence, pray for safety and peace.

Ms. B

Paw Prints

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A Message from Ms. B:

Our PE teacher, Mr. Jones, has been understanding regarding the supply chain with regard to gym uniforms, but will not allow students who are not in the correct uniform participate in PE class beginning this week. Just as students need to bring their pen and pencil to their core classes, they need to have their PE uniforms to participate in class. Thank you for your help with this.

Please make sure to refer to the handbook or call the main office if you do not know the proper procedures to dropping off or picking up students. If someone new is driving, please inform them of the procedures. Never hesitate to call and ask questions or for clarification! 

Go Tigers,
Ms. B

Paw Prints

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A Message from Ms. B:

This week was a lot better than last week. How can that be? I’ve heard teachers singing in the hallways, praising their students for their great behavior and have even witnessed some high fives. It’s been fun walking into classrooms (it’s always Math class, never English!!) and interacting on an academic level. Students are checking Progress Book and discussing with teachers how to improve their grades. The second grade were all quiet when returning from Music class, and the 8th grade sat with their buddies at Mass on Wednesday. (I even heard some singing from the 8th graders!)

Fr. Jim told us to listen…patiently. That really resonated with me and I thought about Lourdes. We have patiently waited for things to come together, for us to really see the “vision” we started working toward. We have worked hard to offer our students quality academics and continue to have many scholarship winners to our local high schools. We are “outfitting” our STEAM Lab with some really cool things! For “hands-on” critics thinking and problem solving. We hope for the health of our students, both physical and mental and have incorporated Health as a class into our curriculum. We hired our very own Mental Wellness Specialist, Mrs. Brown, who helps with the health of our brain and the social parts of life and Mr. Jones focuses on the body health, nutrition and eating healthy. We found a new Religion textbook that will be informative and meet the spiritual needs of our students while they are learning about Jesus and His Teachings.

I’m not saying we’re perfect but we are “pawesome”. If you want to see the good works of the Tigers, c’mon in and volunteer! We have a library that could be re-catalogued, we need daily readers for Kindergarten, and help in the cafeteria. If you are feeling slightly daring, you could always volunteer for recess duty or freshen up the grounds with some gardening. Great things are happening around campus. As always, I’m glad for the Opportunities to Lead, Learn, and Serve with our Tigers!

Go Tigers,
Ms. B

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A Message from Ms. B:

I think the start to my 6th year as principal has been amazing! So many smiles getting out of cars. Scout, the school dog, was happy for the attention. She’s excited to start the year too. We are getting back to basics at Lourdes and working on our A,B,C’s (Academics, Behavior, and Community). We are excited to work closely with all of our grades but especially our 8th graders! We cannot wait to see how they lead the school into a new “era”! Mrs. DiTullio is hard at work trying to work with bussing at CPS. Always keep a backup plan in place for transportation. So far, our bussing seems to be on time with very nice drivers! Mrs. King is back in the classroom one bell a day with Mrs. Ruwe. They are team teaching 6th grade Math. It’s exciting to watch. Our Notre Dame nuns have moved from the Rectory but Sr. BJ left her wonderful garden. We are hopeful our Science students will be able to care for the veggies just as well. We have made some changes to the schedule that should promote community, adding an “advisory bell” and extra homeroom time at the end of the day. I won’t try and impress you completely on one Paw Prints…I’ll spread out the good tidings but there is a lot more goodness happening here. Don’t forget Picture Day on August 30! Students are allowed to be out of dress code. Please make sure your students’ attire is modest and appropriate. As always, we invite you to join us for Mass. We have such to celebrate and be thankful for!

Go Tigers, Ms. B

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A Message from Ms. B:

The last days of summer…beautiful weather, festival is finished, rested and excited for the new year. And as I slipped into a summer slumber on the patio, I was suddenly filled with an overwhelming sense of panic: Oh My Goodness! We start school so soon. Next week: August 25! I decided to go through my mental checklist:

Is the handbook updated? Yes! The dress code has new parts that are clearly specified (check out pg. 40). The handbook has been uploaded to the website:

School supplies, do I have all of them? I am sure I have plenty but if I need to refer to my list, I can l look online: https:// . Thank goodness the teachers will make sure their students have what they need and can remind parents at Meet the Teacher on Tuesday from 4:30-7:30. Maybe I can meet with the new school nurse, Nurse Jessica Hinton (or Nurse Jess as I have already started calling her!) and tell her about the various ailments some of our students experience.

Schedules for the upper grades? Mrs. King and I are working on them and getting them ready to pass out the first day in homeroom.

Uniforms? What if they are too short? Better get online and purchase some more. I hope that Tommy H is having a sale: Flash Sale: 15% OFF YOUR ORDER; CODE: 1508FLSL08. I would hate to have to tell a student she would have to go home and change if she didn’t come dressed appropriately! I hope the used uniform sale will be available during Meet the Teacher.

What about the Spiritwear I ordered? I can pick up at the cookout on Sunday. But if I need more, I may have to check out the Spirit Shop or email Lindsay Jones for more info:

Wait, the Cookout for Lourdes’ families, especially our new families and Kindergarten families…This is a HUGE event that we are starting this year, a new tradition. In the cafe lot Sunday August 21 at 4:00. It’s going to be amazing and I cannot wait to see all of our Tiger Families!! What should I bring?! Tiger Bark? Tiger striped cookies? Hmmm…

How will new parents know about transportation? In the handbook, we have detailed instructions (pg. 12) and maps in the appendix. Or Mrs. Beth DiTullio knows…she also knows about bussing and what to do!

Sleep schedule? What schedule? Well, it makes sense to start working on it now. I guess my husband, Coach Dude better set the alarm for 4:30 am. Better make it 5:30 and ease my way into the year. I hope the students start working on it too; we don’t want anyone falling asleep in class! But I’m still staying up late (I have to catch up on the headlines from the 10pm news.)

Summer Reading and Math? Well, I’ve read several books but didn’t do all of my math. Guess I better email my teachers to find out how behind I am! 7A and 8th English:Mrs. Huwel at or 7B: Mrs. Kissinger at For 7B and 8th Math: Ms. Eichhold at or 7A Math: Ms. Riegler at

I am excited about this year, there is a vibe in the building and with the staff. Things are changing but we

Summer Paw Prints

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A Message from Ms. B:

This is the time of year when we say “goodbye” to our 8th grade and wish them well on the next part of their journey. We pray that we instructed them well, academically and spiritually. We want their knowledge and experiences to help them find success. Good Luck, 8th grade!

We also want to wish several faculty members a “fond farewell and good luck” in their next chapter. We will miss Sr. Donna as she continues her mission with her community. Ms. Schaefer, good luck in Toledo, and we’re glad you will be back home with your family. Mr. Stegman, a dedicated Tiger to the end, we hope your next chapter is filled with as many exciting experiences as your time here. And finally, Mr. Lones, our very own Athletic Director and veteran teacher, enjoy the well deserved time to relax!

With the coming school year, we welcome our new students, including our kindergarten! We eagerly await the new classes, new grades, and new teachers. Welcome to Mr. Jeremy Jones, our new PE teacher. Mr. Jones is a member of our parish and is so very excited to meet our students and continue to encourage exercise, movement, and positive sportsmanship. Welcome, Mr. Jones! And welcome to our new Art teacher, Ms. Eden Craig. Ms. Craig is looking forward to students creating and displaying great art.

Take a look at the school calendar for next year. Our First Day of School: August 25th with a regular scheduled day. We cannot guarantee CPS bussing (but I think most of us know that anyway…). For Open House next year, we will be conducting “Family Conferences” and hope that this will continue to cultivate our partnership. More info will be forthcoming!

Please enjoy your summer, get away, read a book for pleasure (I have to endorse that…former English teacher!), and take time to pray. Maybe, consider joining us for Sunday Mass as Fr. Len finishes his time here and Fr. Matt begins his time. Most importantly, be well.

Happy Summer! Ms. B


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